Elaine Lees is the founder of Āhuatanga, a published Author, Higher Perspective Life Coach, aspiring Inspirational Speaker and an expert on the effects of domestic and family violence through her own ‘lived’ experiences.  Elaine’s personal vision and goals over the next 12 months includes promoting her published book “Emerging from the Shadows – Transcending Fear to Freedom”; completing her Digital book “SACRED vs Scared – Am I Good Enough?”; promoting and delivering her “I BELIEVE WE Can FLY – Higher Perspective” program; expanding her public speaking ambitions; and building her Higher Perspective Coaching business.  And somewhere in amongst all this, you might find her on a golf course somewhere working on her handicap!

Elaine worked in the New Zealand public service for 25 years working her way up the corporate ladder from the Typing Pool to Personal Assistant to Chief Executives in two public service organisations.  Her career advancement also included staff training, analyst, systems design & development, senior advisor and middle management roles during her successful career.  While building a career in the corporate world, Elaine was also experiencing domestic and family violence in her home.

Elaine is passionate about supporting women and children affected by domestic and family violence.  As a DV survivor herself, Elaine has experienced and overcome the paralyzing fears, anxiety and trauma that often become a natural mental and emotional state for women and children living in violent situations.  Personal experiences motivate Elaine to be a voice for women and children suffering in silence, and she believes that all women have a voice that needs to be heard!

The most common belief amongst women who’ve experienced loss or trauma is “I’m not good enough”.  Elaine helps women to identify false beliefs, and harmful patterns of self-abuse caused by the lack of self-love, self-worth and self-respect.      Her “I BELIEVE WE Can FLY – Higher Perspective” program supports women to heal from “the inside out” using a range of coaching tools and techniques including NLP Coaching & Techniques, Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Wholistic Healing principles.

Elaine coaches from a cultural and Spiritual foundation that reflects her own healing journey, and her personal commitment to being an authentic teacher of her own life experiences.


My logo represents the moko kauae – the chin tattoo worn by Māori women.  It is a taonga i tuku iho – a tradition passed down from our ancestors that is sacred and unique to Māori women.  The moko kauae is connected to our Whakapapa, Mana and Tapu – genealogy, self-governance & self-determination, and Sacredness.  The tradition of moko kauae has been revived in recent years with more and more Māori women wearing moko kauae as part of a reassertion of our unique identity in this world.

My logo was created by a beautiful and talented Māori artist Arohanoa Mathews.  Arohanoa also has a passion for Mana Wahine (empowering women) that is reflected in her artwork.  She captured everything I wanted my business logo to represent.  I cannot find the words to express my deepest gratitude for her professionalism and creative genius.  Please check out her amazing talent and artwork at

The overall logo design symbolizes Te Ruru (the Morepork or Owl) –  a powerful figure in Māori mythology and tradition.  It is also a Universal symbol of Wisdom, and the Divine Feminine force within all of us.

“Faith, Hope and Compassion”

The ‘beak’ design features the three feathers of Te RaukuraTe Raukura is an important symbol to New Zealand Māori tribes who affiliate to the Taranaki rohe.  This symbol is captured in the form of a white feather, or a plume of white Albatross feathers worn by Māori men and women.  Te Raukura represents spiritual, physical, and communal harmony and unity.  It is an acknowledgement of a higher spiritual power, which transcends itself upon earth.  It is a symbol of Faith, Hope, and Compassion for all humanity and the environment that we live in.

The green watercolor reflects the awa (river) – free flowing, fluid, limitless, unrestricted by its boundaries.

The mouth represents communication, and my personal desire to be a voice for the many women and children suffering in silence.

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