Rest Day today … but not without the Guilt!  A couple of years ago, I completed the Clifton Strengths Assessment – it measures your natural patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.  My top 5 strengths for this Assessment are:  Connectedness; Developer; Relator; Learner and Achiever.  I love these types of personality assessments because they broaden my sometimes limited perceptions of who “I Am” and what I’m capable of.

Today, the Learner and Achiever in me really struggled to take time-out and just switch off.  I always feel like I need to be learning and/or achieving something new every day .. small or large  .. hence the guilt-trip today.  I feel like I should be DOING something (studying, housework, writing …), rather than just BEING (happy, content, relaxed, quiet).

I rested through the “unwarranted” guilt until 4.20pm, prepared for a 6pm Skype Call, and straight back on my laptop working.  The moral of this story .. try BEING rather than constantly DOING.  And listen to your body when it needs rest .. coz now I’m a little congested and I feel a cold coming on, so my body may just force me to take some time-out.

Or … not .. lol.