Author Interview with Ocean Reeve Publishing

Working with AHUATANGA – Elaine Lees has been a delight. Fresh from the printers ‘Emerging From The Shadows’ has moved, inspired and awoken people from all over the world including Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Recently The Flash (Jason Smith) and Superman (Ocean Reeve) sat down with this amazing and authentic woman to hear all about her, her book and her vision. 

I AM – Eternal, Wild and Free

I AM, I am Unique, I am ME
I am the physical creation of my English Father and Maori Mother
I am not the colour of my skin, nor the languages I speak
I am my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions
I am more than my physical body, my appearance
More than who others see, hear, smell, taste or touch
I am not defined by my house, my car, my status, my job
I am feminine and masculine energies merging in dance
I am a precious and multifaceted jewel, a Diamond
Mai i te whai ao, born from the spiritual realms of Papatuanuku, Mother Earth
Ki te Ao Marama, into the physical World of Light, Ranginui, Sky Father
A multi-faceted jewel in a multi-dimensional Universe

Ko au te Whenua, ko te Whenua ko au
I AM the Land, the Land is Me
Ko au te Rangi, ko te Rangi ko au
I AM the Sky, the Sky is Me

I am a descendant of the ancient ones
Of tribal lands, skies, mountains, rivers and seas
I am the Mauri, the life force energy flowing in me
I am the blood that pulses through my veins
I am Wairua, Spirit, a vibrational, intuitive Soul
I am pure consciousness in a tribal Multiverse
Traversing universal pathways of Io-Matua-Kore, the Creator of All
Seeking esoteric knowledge and enlightenment
Filling my kete o te waananga, my three baskets of knowledge
Sacred knowledge, Ancestral knowledge, Life’s knowledge
A tauira, student of ancient principles from ancient lands
Still relevant to every race, every culture, every creed

Ko au te Maunga, ko te Maunga ko au
I AM the Mountain, the Mountain is me
Ko au te Awa, ko te Awa ko au
I AM the River, the River is Me

My Heart is sensitive, my Mind is complex
I am compassion, I am empathy
I have sinned, and I have served
I am the Maiden, the Mother, the Matriarch
I am Mana Wahine, strong and humble
I am whare tangata, my body, a sacred vessel
Blessed to nurture and birth new life
Expanding and contracting through labors of Love
Birthing my tamariki, their Wairua into this physical world
Whakapapa, generations woven in time and space
Extensions of Me, from Me, but never belonging to Me
Their Wairua, Spirit must always fly free

Ko au te Hinengaro, ko te Hinengaro ko au
I Am the Mind, the Mind is Me
Ko au te Tinana, ko te Tinana ko au
I AM the Body, the Body is Me

I AM, I am Unique, I am ME
I am awareness, I am consciousness
I am temporarily physical, eternally Spiritual
I have flaws, I have perfection
I am not a slave to society standards or law
Or to judgements made by colonized minds
I dance to the beat of my own drum
To the rhythm of tribal and universal lore
Expanding in my physical time and space
I AM the full expression of ME
When my drum beat fades, I shall return to Papatuanuku
The Circle of Life will begin again
I am the whenua (land), the whenua is Me
I AM Wairua, Spirit – Wild and Free

Hei oranga mo ake tonu atu – I AM Eternal
Tihei Mauri Ora! – Behold the breath of Life