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“SACRED vs Scared – Am I Good Enough?” is my second published book. The concept and creative inspiration for this book came from an intuitive vision I had just over a year ago.  It came completely out of the blue as I was doing my housework.  The word “SACRED” flashed clearly through my Mind.  It appeared as a bright neon White light edged in Gold, reflecting off a Black background like an old Broadway theatre billboard, shining like a beacon in the night to entice and invite patrons to enter its doors.  Then as suddenly as “SACRED” appeared it started to fade into the darkness and the word “Scared” started to emerge.    This book “SACRED vs Scared – Am I Good Enough?” is an expression of how I’ve interpreted and translated the hidden meanings and significance of this tohu.

For a long time, I believed that domestic violence had destroyed or eroded my Mana.  But now I understand how my child and adolescent experiences had already started that erosion process.  In fact, it started in my maternal Grandmother’s generation long before I was even born.

It’s taken longer than anticipated to release this book but now with the recent global outcry over “Black Lives Matter” encouraging more and more people to speak out against racism and discrimination, it seems like perfect timing.  If we as individuals and collectively as a society are serious about reducing domestic and family violence incidents, intimate partner violence (IPV) tragedies, suicide rates and declining mental health then we need to get serious about social injustices and inequities.  We need to start looking at our own attitudes and behaviors towards the very real effects of:

  • All forms of Discrimination
  • Colonization
  • Gender Inequality
  • Health, Justice, Economic, Education and Social inequities and injustices
  • Inter-generational trauma
  • Media manipulation
  • Racism & Racial Profiling

Because ignorance, indifference, and negative attitudes and behaviors towards social injustices and inequities are contributing to the increasing incidence of:

  • Domestic and Family Violence and Abuse
  • Drug and Alcohol Addiction
  • Homelessness
  • Increased Crime (violence, property, public order)
  • Intimate Partner Violence
  • Physical, Emotional and Mental Health issues
  • Poverty
  • Sexual Violence & Abuse
  • Suicide
  • Trauma and Abuse

When we take responsibility for changing our own attitudes and behaviors, we start a ripple effect across our families, which then influences our community and the nation.  The recent COVID19 pandemic forced millions of people globally into hardship, isolation, disconnect and vulnerability.  I hope that these experiences are the catalyst for positive change in societal attitudes and behaviors towards the more vulnerable and less fortunate in our societies.

We must STOP accepting the unacceptable; STOP tolerating the intolerable; and STOP violating the inviolable.

The current environment is also a reminder that women must continue to rise and reclaim our SACRED and natural birthright of Mana Wāhine – our Divinity, Power, Authority and Control over every aspect of our Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Emotional health and wellbeing.  It’s time to stop questioning “Am I Good Enough?

We are Whare Tangata, the House of Humanity, vested with the Divine Gift of Creating Life and All Possibilities from within the sacredness of our womb.  We are a reflection of our most SACRED and POWERFUL Mother of Creation, Papatūānuku, our Earth Mother.  Everything for our survival comes from within her Sacred womb.  Globally, we are all witnessing now the contractions and expansions inherent in the birthing of a new world.  A new ‘normal’ is emerging as Papatūānuku realigns herself to reclaim what humanity has desecrated from her sacred womb, to restore the balance of our natural environment.

It’s time for us as women to heed the actions of Papatūānuku.  To realign ourselves and reclaim what life’s challenges have taken from us.  It’s time to acknowledge the lessons learned from the past and use them to restore the natural balance of our own internal and external environments.  To consciously realign ourselves in Body, Mind and Soul.  This will have a ripple effect across our families, and influence social change in our community and the nation.

It is time.

Ma Te Huruhuru, Ka Rere Te ManuAdorn The Bird With Feathers, So It May Fly”.


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Transcending Fear to Freedom”

I’ve published a memoir about the most defining moments in my life, and my personal journey from Fear to Freedom.  My story includes my experiences of domestic and family violence, and the principles and techniques I applied throughout my healing journey after living with domestic violence for almost 30 years.  However, my story is not a story of violence and abuse, it’s a story of rebirth and reclaiming my natural birthright of Mana Wahine.

Telling my story is my way of sharing my matriarchal knowledge and wisdom.  I firmly believe that through sharing our experiences, we are raising the collective consciousness of health and wellbeing for all women and children.  This is the essence of Mana Wāhine  capitalizing on the strength and power of many.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini
‘My strength is not that of a single warrior but that of many.’

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