We all have a perception of ourselves, our own little World, and how we fit into the wider World around us.  Our unique World (or bubble) has been shaped by the way we filter the 16 trillion bits of data per second that come through our 5 physical senses into our internal processing system.  Our unconscious Mind processes about 2000 bits of that data, per second.  So, there’s a hell of a lot of data we are not accessing as we shape our own lives.  We all filter and process that data in very different ways that are unique to each individual.  We could have similar experiences and end up with totally different results … it’s normal .. we’re all unique.

COVID19 has given us a glimpse into thousands of bubbles through mainstream and social media, and I think it’s amazing!  I love seeing the diversity of people sharing the Love, supporting the vulnerable in our communities, the creativity that’s emerging, the uplifting videos from people sharing their bubble lives.  It all helps to balance out the Fear currently being bombarded into our homes.

I really hope this glimpse has broadened peoples’ perceptions of others, and we think twice before we make judgements about others in all walks of life.

And this all adds to the diversity and evolution of the World.