It would be fair to say that I’ve experienced moments of fear and doubt, anxiety and trepidation during my writing and publishing journey.  But I’m truly blessed to have some amazing people supporting me on this journey and keeping me buoyed when I feel like I’m sinking!  I can’t really pinpoint one particular reason for these emotions .. it’s a combination of a lot of things ..sharing the most defining, personal moments in my life with the World is pretty daunting, baring my Heart n Soul to a heap of strangers, and leaving myself open for criticism and judgement .. well not only myself, but also my children and family.  On top of all that, is everything involved in the publishing and marketing journey.  But I am definitely not alone on this journey … I have my family and friends, and a new friend and mentor, Ocean Reeve (Ocean Reeve Publishing – ORP) helping me navigate this amazing expedition into the wilderness and the creatures that dwell in that space.  I swear that actually writing the book was the easy part!!

So, recently when I was exploring my journal writings over the past 3-4 years of my transformational journey, I realized that feelings of fear, doubt, anxiety and trepidation have been a very regular occurrence for me over the years.  And, at first, I worried about that – great!  Nothing like ‘worry’ stacked on top of fear, doubt, anxiety and trepidation!!  But seriously, this got me thinking.  What am I doing!!  Why am I not ‘walking my talk’ right now!   Geezus girl, put this into perspective!

So I accepted that these thoughts, feelings and emotions are natural for me right now, and I acknowledged them and allowed them to surface.  But I also remembered how to apply the principles of natural law, and put these feelings into perspective.

Specifically, the natural law or principle of Polarity which states that everything has a polar opposite.  So I thought about Fear .. the polar opposite of Fear is Courage!   Then I thought, on a scale of 1-10, what level of Fear am I truly experiencing at this point in time … and my response, possibly 2-3 out of 10.  I know this to be true because I’ve experienced moments of paralyzing fear in my life, and I know how it feels to live in fear, and to be constantly on edge, on guard and guarded.  I also have a profound Fear of spiders!!  Even searching through the images to find an appropriate image for this blog made me feel physically ill and uncomfortable.  I have a touch-screen computer but I couldn’t even bring myself to touch the image to select it haha!  I was literally fearful of the spider images!  I know for a fact that if I ever discovered a huntsman spider in my home, my level of Fear would be off the scales!!   But I think this image really depicts how menacing Fear can be depending on how we perceive it, and the power we assign to it.

These reminders of real moments of Fear that I’ve experienced definitely put my publishing fears into perspective!

So, when I thought about the polar opposite of Fear being Courage, I realized that when I looked at the sliding scale between Fear and Courage – I was actually sitting more towards Courage – feeling more courageous than fearful!!  But my default programming made me automatically focus on the Fear!!  So, through conscious awareness of my thoughts, feelings and emotions – and applying the natural principle of polarity – I was able to put things into perspective!!  And I realized I’m definitely feeling more COURAGEOUS than Fearful, and that’s where I need to focus.  Happy Girl, Happy Me!!

And there’s another natural law and principle at play here – the principle of Vibration – remembering absolutely everything is vibration and energy in motion, including our thoughts, feelings and emotions.  So, if I continued to focus on Fear in this instance, the natural law of vibration would’ve moved me higher on the Fear scale.  But through simply being in awareness of my thoughts, feelings and emotions and making a conscious decision to focus on the opposite end of the scale – Courage, I felt my Spirit rise.  Pretty awesome really 🙂

So, next time you’re feeling fearful, apply this little technique and you may just discover how COURAGEOUS you really are!

It’s truly amazing how our landscape changes when we take a more conscious and panoramic view of Life.

Kia Kaha, Kia Wātea – Be Courageous, Be Free!

Mauri ora – E xxx