ĀHUATANGA has many meanings in our Māori language depending on the context of what is being said or written.  Some of the meanings are “aspect, likeness, attribute or phenomenon”.  For me, in the context of my website it means “Essence” – capturing or embracing the ‘essence’ of something or someone.  I chose this name for my  business and website because it can encompass many things, and this is significant for her evolution.

ĀHUATANGA  is a living entity – she began as a seed that lay dormant in my Mind for quite some time but has now germinated and is slowly sprouting. Her stems have just broken through the surface to greet the light of Ranginui, our Sky Father.    Her roots are fragile and not yet fully established into Papatuanuku, our Mother Earth. Āhuatanga is developing her own Mauri (life force energy) and Hinengaro (consciousness) that will support and guide her evolution. This natural and organic creation will grow stronger over time, receiving nutrients and energy through roots deeply grounded in Papatuanuku, roots that will keep her stable through changing environments, and seasonal cycles. Āhuatanga will blossom and stand strong, fully grounded and connected to the energies of Papatuanuku and Ranginui.

The sharing of knowledge and wisdom within Āhuatanga will sustain her and support her growth and development over time.

My recently published book Emerging from the Shadows shares my life lessons and insights, and focuses mainly on ‘WHAT’ I done to overcome some of my life challenges.  I also referred to my Journal being my most valuable tool, and this is where I regularly recorded my experiences of ‘HOW’ I overcame my challenges.  Over time I will be sharing some of my journal entries in my blogs,  particularly ‘how’ I applied the techniques and lessons learnt on my transformational journey from Fear to Freedom.

I invite you to share your own wisdom and knowledge within these pages, and witness the growth and evolution of Āhuatanga over the coming seasons.

Kia Kaha – Be Courageous!
Kia Wātea – Be Free!

Mauri ora – E xx