I’ve mentioned previously about one of my daily success habits – my Journal.  My favorite journals are from “Blue Angel” publishing because they’re just so inspiring with beautiful images and quotes throughout their pages.  My journal is one of the tools that my Life Coach suggested five years ago.  It’s one of the best tools I’ve ever had during my transformation journey, and I encourage everyone to have one.  Not only is it a record of my challenges, losses and glories, it’s a reference point for how far I’ve come on this journey.

I referred to my journal writing experiences in my book and here’s an extract from my book about how my journal writing helps me connect to, and trust my intuition:

Writing in my journal, or writing poetry, is healing for me.  It is also a way of expressing the Mother aspects of creation and breathing life into something, a project, a piece of art, a passion or desire. 

Initially, the writing in my journal was more or less a report on what I did on a daily basis, and how I was feeling.  I have policy and procedure writing experience and my journal wiritings reflected that, very black and white and matter-of-fact and grammatically accurate. 

One evening, I had an epiphany, a sudden flash of intuition suggesting that I just write, letting the words flow through me and not worry about spelling, grammar or keeping the writing tidy.   This presented another challenge for me, to surrender control of the words on the page and let it be messy! 

So, I trusted my intuition.  I’d meditate for ten to twenty minutes, get into a relaxed and open Mind state, and just let the words flow on to the page.  I’d just write until I ‘felt’ compelled to stop.  I relaxed my Mind and stopped ‘thinking’ about what I was writing. 

The results were amazing!  I started to write intuitively, and it gave me a whole new perspective on my challenges, feelings and emotions.  Sometimes, I’d start to write consciously about my day, and then suddenly it seemed like I was watching my hand and the pen move across the page. 

When I finished writing, I’d read the pages and sometimes it made no sense to me, so I’d wait a couple of days and go back to the passages.  And they made perfect sense to me. 

This was an exciting breakthrough for me.  I started to learn to trust my intuition more, and the pure consciousness and messages coming to me from my sacred space, unfiltered by my limiting beliefs.

I just love it when I can tap into my intuitive writing space!!

I’ve also added another dimension to my journal writing.  After I’ve written a journal entry, I select a card from one of my many Tarot or Oracle card decks, depending on which one I’m drawn to at the time.  I do this by shuffling the cards and accepting the first card(s) that fall from the deck, and I’m always amazed at how the messages from the cards reflect and reinforce what I’ve just written in my journal.  Sensational!!  I love this!

And every time I write in my journal, I also record five things I’m grateful for – it reinforces an ‘attitude of gratitude’ and has an ongoing uplifting effect on my energy by reminding me to appreciate and be grateful for everything and everyone I have in my life.

Give it a try if you’d like to learn to trust your own innate Wisdom and develop an ‘attitude of gratitude’.