I really want to share this poem that was inspired by my Grandmother – My Nan.  I never knew my Nan in her physical lifetime.  She passed away 87 years ago in 1931 a few months after my Mother was born, and 30 years before I was born.  Both our maternal and paternal grandparents had passed away before my siblings and I were born, so we never experienced that special kind of love and nurturing that only grandparents can provide.

However, quite recently I was at the beach and my Nan’s image came clearly into my Mind.  I could feel her presence in both my physical space and my HeartSpace – it was a warm and gentle feeling – and I started writing this poem.  Even though I didn’t know my Nan in her physical lifetime, this experience at the beach has reawakened the Soul connection I have with her.  Now I easily recognise and feel her warmth and gentleness when she comes into my physical presence.  I also feel her strength and Mana, and I especially love that she comes to share her wisdom with me.


My Nan

 I thought of you at the beach today, Nan
As the sun cast shadows over rocks and sand
I listened to rippling waters flow
As my Mind wondered off to places unknown
I listened for messages in the sounds I heard
The waves, the breeze, the dolphins, the birds
I thought about the wisdom I see in your eyes
Shared only to those with open Hearts and Minds

I invited you to join me at the beach today Nan
From my sacred space that only I understand
You said have no fear of speaking my truth
And never let anyone measure my worth
Allow my light to shine and dance
Amongst other Souls who share this path

I felt your presence on the beach today Nan
Embracing the Wisdom you placed in my Heart
I wished I had memories of you in my life
To hold me and tell me everything will be alright
But my tears are a sign that you’re here by my side
As I release my emotions like a wounded child

I cried with you at the beach today Nan
And wished I could feel you holding my hand
A black bird perches high up in the tree
His feathers ruffled by the cool, gentle breeze
But the leaves couldn’t hide his piercing eyes
And I wonder if he sees you sitting by my side

I sat with you at the beach today Nan
Together, you and I, on shifting sands
Watching dolphins swim by with ease and grace
A reminder that life should be enjoyed at this pace
The Maiden and the Matriarch bathed in light
As the Sun cast its shadows over the sands of time

I love you Nan