This poem was inspired by my new logo which represents Te Ruru (the Owl) as a reminder to all that even in the dark of night, there is Wisdom:


She dwells in the darkness this wise night Owl
Bringing wisdom and messages from beyond the Veil
With eyes that pierce the darkest nights
She sees such sadness and pain in your Heart

So as darkness threatens to dim your Light
She casts her spell for a peaceful night
She wants you to close your tearful eyes
And feel the space where your Soul resides

For your Soul is connected to her mystical powers
To bring comfort to you in the darkest hours
As she’s guided by gentle moonlight beams
She places her Wisdom & Love in your dreams

When the Sun rises over mystical rituals of the dark
You will feel the magic she placed in your Heart

(AHUATANGA – Elaine Lees)