Nine years ago in my weapons training I was constantly being pulled up by the instructor for having my ‘finger on the trigger’, and he’d make me repeat a verse in front of the class (can’t remember it now) and repeat the whole pre-shot routine again.  Sometimes, the instructions got lost in my Fear & Anxiety to get everything right, and I’d inadvertently revert back to ‘finger on the trigger’ whilst waving the gun (not real) around with animated gestures trying to explain myself.  Imagine that happening with a real weapon!

Whilst observing others at the range, my Fear & Anxiety started to rise again.  So, I visualised the routine in my Mind and repeated it over, and over again.  Muscle memory … I practiced the movements … slow .. smooth .. and deliberate whilst staying focused.  Cerebral control … mentally priming my Mind for the task.

When I had the Glock pistol in my grasp it put everything into perspective.  The importance of practice & repetition and, more importantly, the weight of responsibility I held in my hands.  This wasn’t cowboys and Indians .. this was real life, real weapons, with real ammunition!  It gave me a strong sense of power & control when I felt the cool metal pistol in my hands.  There was no fear or anxiety anymore ..  I was courageously excited!   Assume the position … target in my sights … ‘finger off’ … safety catch off … ’finger on’ … and … SQUEEZE ….

All I can say is … the most powerful weapon you have in your arsenal is … your MIND.

The only pre-shot routines I do now are on the Golf Course.